The 3-step checklist for smooth sailing in your new position.


Did you know based on the survey among HR senior professionals:


a) 87%  agreed with “Transitions into significant new roles are the most challenging times in the professional lives of managers.”


b) 70% agreed that “success or failure during the transition period is a strong predictor of overall success or failure in the job.”





The Checklist for a Successful Transition guides you in 3 steps preparing a smooth transition to your new position.


By utilizing this checklist, you will have a game plan for your new role, e.g. establishing credibility, learning the lay of the land, setting goals and expectations, and building relationships.  


Enjoy smooth sailing in your next chapter.

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The Checklist for a Successful Transition is designed to provide you with a strategic foundation with this simple three steps: Intention, Mindset, and Attention (I.M.A.).


The first step "Intention" will help you solidify your mission and make you unshakable in your purpose.  Second, "Mindset" will assist you in shifting your behaviors and attitudes for your new role.  In the last step "Attention" you will have a clear roadmap of specific actions to take.


With these 3 steps, you'll feel confident and comfortable when you approach your first meetings with your manager, direct reports, and other stakeholders.

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